Being Good In Bed Can Make A Real Difference


Hey guys, being good in bed is important. It’s not a necessity but can help to improve your relationship with a girl (be it your girlfriend or someone you just met) in a big way.

I lost my virginity with an escort. I explained to her why I had chosen to lose my virginity in this way. I told her how I didn’t have the confidence to have sex because I thought I would be bad.

What I forget to mention in the post above was how I read a lot on how to be good in bed – motivated by my fear of not being any good. I also took very basic steps to improve my ‘lastability’ including buying a fleshight about 6-7 months before I lost my virginity.

Feeling more confident

Although this made me feel more confident than I was before, I still did not feel as though I could have sex with some random girl who I just met on a night out. So the escort was the way to go.

Once I had finished having sex with the escort, we sat there and talked. I asked her to be as honest as possible about my performance and surprisingly she seemed to be pretty genuine in her response.

I was expecting her to say, “Yeah you were the best I have ever had”. You know try and boost my confidence. Instead the response I got was a little different. She said, “I was good for my first time but did cum quite quick”.

Bearing in mind that I was nervous and very excited at the same time (she was bloody hot), I knew right then that sex was not an issue. Ok, I was not amazing, but I also realised that I should not have been worried about bedding women. Plus, I knew the first time was not going to be my best performance.

What did I do then?

Well firstly I started doing some proper research into being good in bed. I knew I could improve on my current level and so can you. Having good techniques in bed comes from, excuse the pun, hard work.

The main thing I realised is being able to last long is not the most important thing (though I did work on that factor). Instead I focused on something that can make you better in bed and something you can do without the need for an erection at all: Putting the girl’s pleasure first.

Focusing on the girl and what gets her going will turn you into a sex god. Use your fingers and tongue. When I say tongue I mean both for speaking sexy to her as well as stimulating her physically. You need to find out what gets your girl going and then do it.

I had been seeing my current girlfriend for 6 months before I gave her an orgasm. She had never orgasmed with a guy before so it took us a little while to crack it.

Worth the effort

However the extra effort to do this was worth it big time. Firstly seeing her having so much pleasure is one of the biggest turns-ons for me. Watching her enjoy the sex makes me enjoy it so much more. Secondly, because she enjoys the sex so much, she wants sex more often.

I remember her telling me how she use to make up excuses when she was with her ex-boyfriend because the sex was not that great. Sounds harsh but would you want sex with a girl all the time if it was crap? Didn’t think so.

As you can see, it really is worth being good in bed. Like I said earlier, it’s not a must but it can certainly help. Let’s be honest there are worse thing to do than learn how to be better in bed 🙂