The 80/20 Rule in Relationships


This has got to be one of the best concepts I have comes across in recent times. If you have never heard of it then you are in for a treat.

What is the 80/20 rule?

Whenever you do anything in life there is always a way of getting it done simpler with less effort. I always made the mistake that if you want to get more out of life you had to work harder.

However working harder to get more results is not how the 80/20 rule works. Sure, you are putting in more time to get better results. The thing is you are trading your time for results. This might be times spent with your family or friends for example.

The 80/20 rules in relationships is all about doing less but getting more.

The ‘More with less’ chart

There are 4 areas that you can reside in:

Low effort : Low reward – Here you are putting in little effort and getting little reward. This is not effective at all

High Effort : Low reward – This is an even worse scenario. You are putting a lot of effort in, but you are getting little back in return.

High effort : High reward – This might seem good but in reality it’s not. You are trading time with your family, friends, hobbies, etc, to be more successful. You can’t really keep this up for long periods.

Low effort : High reward – This is ideal. You are putting in little effort but getting maximum reward. You are not sacrificing spending time with family, friends, doing hobbies, etc.

What does all this mean?

By learning to use your time more effectively you will be able to achieve more in your life. Imagine spending little time learning how to meet women but being able to go out and pick up women with ease.

Let’s take an example of each:

Low effort : Low reward – This might mean doing very little research on how to meet and attract women. Doing very little to get out and meet women in real life. The result is not getting any women… pretty simple really.

High effort : Low reward – Spending way to much time learning how to meet and attract women. Working hard on your confidence, your body language, your speech, etc, but not going out into the real world and actually meeting women. Lot’s of effort but no reward.

High effort : High reward – Spending lots of time learning everything. Once you feel like you know shed-loads you go out and speak to lots of women. Then spending even more time learning more stuff and then going out and trying that out. Although you might get good results you are trading a huge amount of time for it.

Low effort : High reward – Spending time learning enough to get success. Then, going out to have a good time and whilst you are out speaking to women. This way you are putting minimal effort into meeting women cos’ you are only learning what you need to do, then when out being social you talk to women. You will get just as much success as the previous one but with minimal effort.

Final thought

Learning to use your time more effectively means you can get better results with less effort. That’s why companies employee people to get the job done. They could work hard 24/7 and try and get the work done themselves. Or they can just pay someone else to do the job for them and sit back and relax. Minimum effort, maximum results.

Ok, so you can’t pay someone to outsource meeting women for you, but you can learn to use your time better and achieve better results with less effort.