How Close Are You To Success?


As with anything in life, you need to learn how to be good with women. I don’t really believe in the term ‘Natural’ when you talk about someone being a true natural. Guys who seem to be naturally good with women have most likely been bought up around guys who are good with women. They have then just picked up these skills by watching these older guys interact with women on a regular basis.

Others are bought up in surroundings where they are not exposed to a great deal of guys who are good with women. Therefore they don’t posses the skills needed in order to be successful with women. Therefore they need to work at becoming better with women. Something that any guy can do.

I am sure anyone who has been learning how to attract women will know that occasionally there are times when you felt like giving up. Of course it’s natural to have these thoughts going around in your head. It can feel a lot easier to give up sometimes than to carry on through the rough times. Especially when you look at others who seems to have this ‘Natural’ way with women and then there is you who is working hard and still having days when it just doesn’t seem to work for you.

However before you decide that you can live without the hassle, firstly remember the guys who seem natural did learn off someone. They may not have done it on a conscious level, but they have learnt these skills. So you having to learn is totally normal. Also remember the following quote:

Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up

This quote really should hit you hard. I know it hit home for me. I was definitely not a so called ‘natural’. I was bought up in the middle of nowhere and went to an all boys school. Therefore I had very little interactions with women when I was younger. When I finally started to learn how to attract girls, I had good days and bad days. There were times when I felt like giving up and just thought that one day I will find someone who like me without all the hassle. However now I realise how much I would have regretted if I had given up. Especially if I had given up and then read this quote.


Because now I am so much more confident as a person. Learning how to meet women has opened up many more doors in my whole life. Yeah I am doing much better with women, but I am also doing well in other aspects of my life. Aspects such as my social life, work life, etc.

Remember you don’t need to become obsessed with learning to meet women and dedicate your whole life to it. If you just do a little bit each day and not allow the bad times to make you give up altogether, then there is a great chance that you will achieve your goals with women and be successful. Plus you will probably improve your life as a whole.

At the end of the day the only way to fail is by giving up. As long as you are doing a little each day to reach your goals then you will always improve. Good luck.