How To Get A Girl To Trust You


Many guys tend to struggle when thinking, how to get a girl to trust you?. There are a few reasons why guys always find this particular aspect difficult.

Past experiences can become a barrier when attempting to get a girl’s trust. For example, if the girl has been previously in a long term relationship, there is often a little voice in the back of her head asking herself questions like “what happens if she gets hurt again?”. Some girls have issues with moving on from these experiences and this can automatically cause tension between the two of you.

Some girls may be more comfortable talking and flirting with men when on nights out as there is a chance they have never met you before and have the attitude ‘nothing to lose’. However, if you want to start seeing her after, the phrase ‘fight or flight’ does occur to women and instantly start to form doubts.

The majority of guys haven’t realised that trust isn’t something that can be forced upon a girl or that can be controlled. It takes time and varies with different women you meet. Some couples can build trust almost instantly, others may take months. Sometimes trust never materialises and you need to realise that this particular relationship isn’t going anywhere, rather than staying with her for the sake of not being alone.

How to get a girl to trust you???

What has she done in the past? This is the kind of question you need to keep in mind when you’re seeing a girl. Not a lot of women will be obvious and ‘straight to the point’ when it come to events in their past. You can’t constantly ask her questions about everything there is to know about her as this will make her feel uncomfortable. The best thing I would suggest is to take a step back and give her plenty of space. By doing this, you are giving her room to breathe and giving her the time to feel comfortable around you.

Remember, there is no reason to try and rush the relationship in the vain attempt to form trust. By taking your time and both getting to know each other, you and the girl are both giving yourself chances to build a trusting relationship. As you start to get to know each other better, you start to share secrets with each other and so the trust between you grows. As the trust grows you both can be able to confide in each other and this will make your relationship stronger. This includes such things as sexual preferences, previous relationships etc.

How to get a girl to trust you is something that happens naturally. Don’t force it!

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