10 Things Not to Say to a Guy During an Argument


Arguments are inevitable in any relationship — especially if you’re being a bitch. But fighting with your dude doesn’t necessarily have to mean leaving a FEMA-level dating-disaster blast zone in your wake. There are certain clichés that will never, ever be a good idea in the heat of battle.

Make sure you don’t utter one of these ill-advised adages, which are guaranteed to give your spat an unnecessary shove into volatile.

10. “That’s it. We’re through!” 

As Britney’s marriage to Jason Alexander demonstrates, life decisions made on impulse are rarely good ones. Cool down, civilize the discussion, then see where you are.

9. “I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me.”

That you spit when you yell. Please stop.

8. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.” 

Being castrated by a poodle wearing a tutu would be less emasculating.

7. “You didn’t used to be like this.” 

We TOTALLY used to be like this. You just didn’t notice until right now. (You were probably too busy matching your bras and your underwear, the way you used to.)

6. “My mother warned me about this.” 

Bringing your mother into an argument is plainly unfair — and only going to hurt you. If we don’t hate her already, this will seal the deal for sure.

5. “That’s it. No sex for a month!”

Withholding sex is never a good idea. Unless you want us to find it somewhere else.

4. “Are you listening to me?”

We hear you. Is that the same thing?

3. “Men!”

Don’t lump us in with those d-bags.

2. “I give up.”

This isn’t arm-wrestling. We want to work things out as much as you do. While cooling off for a day or two is a great idea, giving up will only prolong the misery.

1. “I knew this was a mistake.”

It’s cool to say nasty things in the heat of battle and then apologize them away later, but you can’t really apologize for revealing a long-seeded, unacknowledged feeling of doubt.

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Alex Wise served over 5 years as relationship expert helping women from around the world figure out the men in their love lives from an honest, male perspective. Alex is one of the contributors and editors for Loveawake.com dating website. He is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and online dating communities.


  1. Yes withholding sex is a bad thing that some women do …
    Yes men will go elsewhere for it…

    It is a fact women if you don’t give it to your man , then they will go and try to get it somewhere else… a girl on the side or worse

  2. yeah and its a double standard too! if a man strays, its ok because he’s supposedly not getting what he needs at home. on the other hand, if a woman strays its because she’s a slut. whats wrong with this picture??? its a bunch of bs thats what it is! doesnt matter if your male or female…..if you are in a committed relationship or your married, you shouldn’t be out getting it from someone else!!! sorry guys…..your excuses for cheating are pathetic….grow up or get out of the relationship!

  3. Why is it always what a woman should never say to a man?

    What are the things a man should never say to a woman?

    Why are the men so precious that women have to cater to them while being treated like crap?

    Explain please………….

  4. i agree with you barbara 150%!!! it always amazes me how women have to measure every word with men because they might not like what we have to say or they don’t like something we did. well, i say too bad for them! us women have to suck it up when we don’t like something and men should do the same! its time for the little boys out there to grow up and be men!

  5. because, men are constantly, on a daily baises, by society constantly being told to treat women like gods, catering to their every need and wilm, while being treated like garbage in return. they can be yelled at, screamed at, and belittled constantly, and are told to just take it, while being loving and careing back. the careing, loving providing husband, that isnt abusive, is only bound to be abused in return, which is completly unright. relationships arnt power struggles, they -should- be about equality and connection, BOTH sides working in unison, to strive for what makes the OTHER happy. and yes, that means women should at times, stop yelling, and stop belittling the person she supposedly loves, and try to be encouraging, and put alittle effort in. bet youd never think of giving your boyfriend random flowers, or hell, even backing down from what you know is right, just for the sake of avoiding a fight, and backing down to make him happy, and take the ego-shot right?
    I love hearing things like this, because it ammuses me everytime some ignorant self-righteous feministic fool tries crying sexism, when they cant even take alittle criticism, the same criticism men put up with on a daily baises in their own households. obviously their should be a article for what men should never say to women, but the difference is, everyone -always- knows what men should never say to women, because society is built on the idea of men having to be the self sacrificing sex, the one that trys to faltter and woe, the one that tries to keep the woman happy and trys to calm fights, because ‘shes the emotional one’. the minute anything is said about how women might, oh hell, give men alittle respect and equality in preserving a happy fair relationship, all of a sudden its sexist. cut the crap.