The Friend Zone Test


Alas… you suspect that you may be in the friend zone. And like Survivor, if you landed in the Zone, you’ll need to OutWit, OutLast and OutPlay your competition in order to get out of the zone.

Three Quick Tips to shortcut the Friend Zone:

  1. Be Firm (Don’t let the other person push you into the friend zone if you don’t want to be there.)
  2. Be Direct (If you want something more than a friendship, say so.)
  3. Don’t Linger (If you figure out that you’re in the friend zone with no likelihood of escape… redirect your time and energy to a more receptive candidate.)

This test is purely for determining whether or not you are in the Zone. If you choose to stay in the Zone, that is entirely up to you. (But really… if you insist that the Friend Zone is fine with you, then why are you taking this test?)

The Friend Zone Test

All answers are multiple choice. Pick one answer that best describes your situation.

1. How often do you hear about the other people your “friend” is interested in dating?
a. Never
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. All the time

2. How often does your “friend” talk about personal shortcomings and problems with you?
a. Never
b. Rarely
c. Occasionally
d. Ad Nauseam. (And it does make you kind of nauseous)

3. If you catch your “friend” on an emotionally whiny day, do you…
a. End communication and check back in when you think they’ll be in a better mood?
b. Try to make them feel better?
c. Offer to come over with a pint of ice cream/homemade cookies and a favorite movie?

4. How often do you talk about your own personal issues?
a. Never
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. All the time

5. How often do you see each other?
a. Once a week
b. Every few days
c. Every other day
d. Usually every day

6. You find ways to insert flirty compliments and invitations into…
a. Are you kidding? Homie don’t play that game. If my “friend” starts showing interest, I’ll start treating them like a girl/boyfriend.
b. about half of our conversations. I want them to know that I think they are great but not totally show all of my cards.
c. Every conversation.

7. What did they look like the last time you two “hung out” alone?
a. Showered and shaved/Make-up and heels.
b. Showered but not a whole lot more effort beyond being reasonably put together.
c. Ummm… do I really want to answer that? They might be embarrassed.

8. How physical are you with each other?
a. As much as humanly possible.
b. A hug here and there, maybe an arm around the shoulder.
c. Not that much, we respect each others space.

9. Do you do each other favors that can be huge inconveniences but “think nothing of it?”
a. Are you kidding? Pfft, rarely, if ever!
b. Sometimes
c. All the time

10. As far as relationships go, your “friend” has told you that…
a. They are ready and willing to find the right person.
b. Don’t really care; whatever happens, happens.
c. They are having fun being single and really have no plans to settle down anytime soon.

Bonus Question for the guys: Has she ever told you that she’s looking for a guy just like you, or that you’ll make some girl a great boyfriend one day?

Bonus Question for the girls: Has he wondered out loud why you’re still single or told you that you may be being too hard on some guy and give him a chance?

Test Results – Give yourself 2 points for every time you answered a; 4 points for every b; 8 points for c; 12 points for d; and an extra 15 points if you answered yes to the bonus.

Over 75 – Yes indeedy, you are smack dab in the middle of the Friend Zone. You own The Zone. You’re mayor of The Zone. Move on. Quickly.

75-51 – You’re in The Zone. You don’t own it as much…but you’re still there. Sorry. The sooner you find another love interest, the better for you.

50-36 – There’s hope for you yet. The Zone is avoidable. Don’t let the friendship go any further until you make your intentions clear. Embrace the three steps mentioned at the top of this test and if you don’t get the answer you need, move on.

35 and below – You are in a great position! No Zone for you if you play your cards right. Guys… ask her out already! Girls… keep your eggs in different baskets until he expresses that “Wanna be my girlfriend” sentiment.