What I Love About Men


I COULD write a Valentine’s Day post about how to impress your girl or find a great guy. I could. But I have the feeling that there are P-L-E-N-T-Y of posts out there covering that material. So I won’t. Instead, I’m re-posting my favorite about why I think you men are so great and that I’m glad you’re around…

I don’t feel that I may speak for all women, but I can speak for myself and share what I love about certain men… for my long time blog readers, I’ve added a few new notes of appreciation…

I love a man who knows and lives in integrity. Means what he says, is who he is and inspires that kind of trust you feel safe leaning into.

I love a man who puts his faith in God first…not in a judgmental or limiting kind of way…but in that open-hearted, joyful and inclusive walk with God that inspires your own faith to grow kind of way.

I love men who aren’t afraid to be silly or laugh at “non-manly” things. Something about being surprised by someone’s laughter just adds a certain richness to life.

I love men who are comfortable in their own manly skin. Men who focus on building others up and bringing joy and support to the people they adore. Men who celebrate a woman’s femininity and beauty and who see it as a gift God gave women to share with others. Men who want to pursue and cherish a strong, smart, passionate and emotionally healthy woman…a woman like me! *grin*

I adore a guy who is smart! Smart in that witty, engaging, verbally gifted kind of way. That makes me weak in the knees.

I love a man who faces down adversity like the proverbial western gun-slinger. Just stares it in the eyes and figures out how to beat that adversity into submission. I’m also a fan of the zen approach of just flowing around the issue like water. I guess I just really admire and feel at peace knowing that he’s not going to freak out and fall apart when something goes wrong.

I love men who know to look beyond the outward package to what is beneath. A guy who sees my humor or intelligence or spirituality as the thing to brag about to their guy friends…that guy I’ll hold onto.

I love men who know how to genuinely compliment me and aren’t afraid to do so even when it makes me blush.

I love men who open doors, pursue a woman they are interested in, walk on the street side of a sidewalk, show up when they say they will, say they’ll call and actually call, believe in chivalry and notice little things that need doing and do them!

I am impressed by those of you men who can cook. *hats off*

I find voracious readers, guitar players and bubble bath makers entirely too sexy.

I admire married/taken men who don’t even LOOK at other women.

I like the guys who drive a little fast and still hold my hand in between shifting.

I love a guy who can help me with something heavy, messy or just generally gross. I like being a girl.

I love men who like to play AND be responsible. Men who like to plan out a great trip or show up unexpectedly for a spontaneous cup of coffee.

I love a man who will sing along to his favorite tunes and not worry about whether or not his voice is “good enough.” If your voice is REALLY bad… that’s why the volume button was invented.

I love a guy who knows how to limit his video game/sports/TV/whatever addiction to a manageable distraction.

I love a man with shoulders broader than mine, with enough height that I don’t tower in my heels, deep voices, manly hands, eyes that smile, one of those huggers who really HUG you!

I love it when a man notices my efforts to look good… from painted toenails to wearing his favorite color.

I love the way a creative man’s eyes see the world. I love the way a finance guy is fascinated with trends and cycles. I love the way an entrepreneur views risk and reward. I love the way a handy guy takes pride in the process. I love the way a business man’s mind solves a problem. I love the way a sales guy figures out how to match a service or product to need. I love the way the teacher guy wants to change the world… one mind at a time.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things that I love about men, but for now this is just to let you guys know how appreciated you are. And p.s. I don’t personally need all of these things in one man… these are just qualities I’ve seen that I appreciate. *grin*

p.p.s. yes, I know there are more I’s in this post that you ever see from me… but it’s just that kind of post. One that I appreciate. (all I’s intended)