A Cave Man’s Way To Attract Women


Hey CaveMan. We all know you’re responsible for inventing the wheel, discovering fire and teaching other guys how to bash women on the head with a club. You deserve credit for all those accomplishments – but when it comes to attracting women, we need to talk.

Yes, we all know that an old Geico commercials they say, “It’s so easy a CaveMan can do it,” and that it’s very humorous and entertaining to watch. Unfortunately for you, my hairy fellar, when you do it, it’s not so funny and entertaining.

The only way you’d actually be able to get a date would be to bash them on the head with your trusty old club. The problem is that things have changed quite a bit since you were hunting Wooly Mammoths. Today, instead of giving women massive migraines, men use social skills to attract the opposite sex.

Let’s start with the way you look and dress, Mr CaveMan. While it’s very true that clothes can make a major change in the way a man looks, it doesn’t do you any good if your body posture is all wrong. We all know that Caveman hunch forward and drag their knuckles on the ground while they walk, but when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, it’s all wrong.

Whenever you enter any type of venue looking for a date, your body language has a much stronger message than your words ever will.

  • Pull those shoulders back, CaveMan – but don’t look stiff and unnatural. Look relaxed and confident.
  • Lift your head up high. It’s been proven that women find men who lift their head up a bit more attractive than men who tilt their head downward. And keep your head straight; don’t tilt it to the side.
  • Be sure to smile. You want to look like the friendly CaveMan who’s having fun and is approachable. CaveMan can have fun too you know. Plus everybody wants to be around the fun person. Fun is like a virus – anybody can catch it.
  • Make good eye contact when talking to women so that they view you as having confidence and being trustworthy. CaveMen who look away even for a second or fidget are seen as insecure or thinking about something else, such as sewing a new pair of Saber-toothed Tiger Boots.

Now that we’ve corrected your bad CaveMan posture, let’s work on the way you dress. Women put a lot of time and effort into their appearance. They go get manicures, pedicures, get their hair done and keep their clothes very clean and neat. Women expect a man to look decent when they are going out places with him. A sloppily-dressed man is one of the biggest complaints women have. Women view men who dress sloppy as not taking much pride in themselves, and assume if they date them they won’t take much pride in the relationship either.

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Go through your closet and throw away any clothes that are too big or don’t fit properly. Any shirts that have drooping collars or sleeves should be donated or trashed.
  • Make sure you wear pants that don’t droop or fall down showing your underwear. Straight leg is the most versatile and is always in style. Make sure you buy a good selection ranging from light to dark colors. Don’t buy any pants with holes, wear marks or any emblems on them unless you’re a 14 year old girl.
  • Any clothes with rips or stains should be thrown into the garbage.
  • Only wear shoes that are clean without wear marks. Shoes are the first thing that a woman sees when a guy walks into a room.
  • Buy clothes that are fashionable, but that will be in style for a long time.
  • Buy unique accessories and shoes that show your unique style and identity.

Some guys deliberately wear extremely outrageous clothes to draw attention and get women to start conversations with them. Items such as fury boas, cheesy jewelry and blonde dyed hair will definitely get you attention. But will it attract the type of attention that you truly want?

Every guy should show his awesome fashion sense by the way he dresses. But it should always be done in a way that makes you look fashionable and also masculine at the same time. Clothes can tell a lot about a person and can either make a great first impression – or an everlasting one that leaves a sour taste in all the mouths of the women you meet. You only get one chance at making your first impression a good one, so don’t blow it by dressing like a clown, CaveMan, because clowns only get laughed at.

Growing up, many CaveMen didn’t spend nearly as much time socializing as young Cavegirls did. While young Cavegirls were sitting around the cave sewing, starting fires to cook and talking about men, CaveMen were out playing sports, wrestling and getting into mischief. Young Cavegirls have alot more practice at socializing than CaveMan, because they’ve been practicing their whole life.

You and your buddies have a lot of catching up to do, so the sooner you start practicing the better. At first it’s going to be very tough to be more social and to make a connection when talking to women, but after a while you will start noticing little things the same way women seem to be extremely good at doing.

There are many books available on how to improve social skills and how to meet women, but many are completely useless. They come from the authors’ perspective and experience, and therefore most likely will not match your personality and lifestyle. Instead of using one of the exact same made up, memorized scripts that so many other guys are using word-for-word to try to start conversations, why not use something that’s real in your life instead? Here’s an example:

Memorized Script: I have a quick question for you guys. I can only stay a minute because I have to get back to my buddies, but you look smart and maybe you can help me with this: Who lies more, men or women?

Real question: Hey, I noticed that you ladies are wearing stewardess outfits, and figured you’d know quite a bit about travel. My buddies and I are going to Las Vegas, and wanted to know what would be the best Casino to stay at.

When you actually have a unique life with interesting stuff going on in it, you won’t need to make up fake stories or pretend to be a certain type of guy. You will actually be doing the stuff that you talk about and with real confidence. You’ll be the true masculine man that women adore and find attractive.

The next time you and your buddies go out to bash women on the head and drag them back to the cave, you can put your clubs down and follow these tips instead.

  • When talking speak in a calm, clear voice that is loud enough to be heard, especially if you’re in a bar where you have to speak over loud music, other conversations, etc. Speak from your diaphragm, not your chest. You will speak louder and deeper.
  • Don’t be like every other boring guy that tries to talk to her in the bar by asking a bunch of common questions as if it’s an interview. You won’t stand out as different, and she will automatically assume that you’re no different. Ask open ended questions that require her to give an explanation instead of just a yes or no answer.
  • Never take yourself or anything she says as a big deal. It’s okay to have an opinion about something or not agree with everything she says. This shows that you’re not trying too hard to impress her. If you do try too hard to impress her, you’ll be viewed as a weak man. You can stand your ground while being nice and without being a jerk. Be the fun guy everybody respects and wants to be around.
  • Teasing a woman and keeping her on her toes not only shows that you’re fun and flirty but also makes her feel more comfortable around you. Just make sure that you’re teasing rather than insulting – or you might be the one that gets bashed on the head with a club.

Stick with practicing all of these tips and in no time you will go from being a CaveMan to a real man before you realize it. Of course it won’t be easy and will be a lot of work – but anything that’s worth doing never comes easy in life. There will be times when it seems like you’re not making improvements or the obstacles are too big to overcome, but don’t give up. Keep working on improving yourself on a daily basis and eventually you will not only conquer these once seemingly impossible tasks but also move on to overcome even bigger ones. You’re a man, so don’t pretend to be one, actually be one.