Macho Men Versus Women: The Epic Dating Battle


Hey ladies. Come closer. Closer. Now look over there. You see that sexy beast of a man over there? That’s known as a Macho Man. He’s unlike any other type of man you’ve ever known before. Alpha Male? Child’s play. Cave Man? No comparison. Nice guy? Don’t make me laugh. How dare you or anybody else even attempt to compare a fine specimen of a man like this to those other inferior men. A Macho Man is a completely different kind of beast altogether. He’s a very special beast. The sexiest of all men. Man of all men. Definitely the King of all men.

His clothes are worn out, bad fitting, and lack color and style?

Macho Men don’t bother wearing fashionable clothes that are clean and neat. This is how a Macho Man stands out in a crowd and distinguishes himself from other men. While Pick-Up-Artists “Peacock” to draw a women’s attention, the Macho Man does it by wearing colorless, dull clothing that fits like a garbage bag. Look at those scuffed up work boots with the shoes laces untied. After all, shoes are the first thing a woman notices when a guy walks into a room. And if that isn’t enough to make you drool, just look at that sexy scruffy beard, never mind the tobacco stains. I bet he doesn’t even wear cologne or deodorant. A man like this most likely hasn’t taken a bath in weeks, leaving his true sexy man smells for ladies like you to enjoy. No wonder you haven’t noticed the Alpha Male or Cave Man.

Why is he so loud, obnoxious, and rude, and calls women names?

This is how Macho Men attract the opposite sex. It’s part of their game plan. Unlike other men, the Macho Man doesn’t have to approach women. Instead he just sits there with the few acquaintances he does know and talks loud enough to make even a deaf man get a headache. This way everybody has no choice but to notice him, even in noisy bars. He’s definitely the leader among men, and we all know how much women love leaders. Every other man in the place is envious of this dominant super being. That’s why nobody even bothers talking to him. Besides he’s too skilled to be bothered with outdated social skills.

The Macho Man doesn’t buy women drinks either. He’s too smart for that. Instead he sits there, grasping his beer tightly, as if someone is trying to steal it. Maybe he’s onto something. We do know that a lot of women use men to just buy drinks all night and then ditch them when they get bored.

But I doubt that any woman will get bored with this super sexy Macho Man, because he has another trick up his sleeve. Mr Greatness doesn’t use Negs like a Pick-Up Artist does. He brings it to a whole new level. By calling women filthy names he’s not only showing he’s not desperate by any means, he’s also lowering her value and increasing his. In fact, he lowers her value so much that over time she experiences great periods of depression and low self worth, followed by therapy. There’s no way any woman would even consider leaving such a great, dominate man. He’s the ultimate challenge, and women crave a challenge. Let’s see you compete with that, Pick-Up Artists.

How do you avoid being scarred by these divorced, destined-to-be-single losers for life?

The answer is simple. Just look for the following signs mentioned above. Many Macho Men are either divorced or about to be divorced due to the fact that after years of abuse, their wives get fed up with them. These inferior men have no clue about how to truly love a woman and treat her right.

Instead of showing her love and respect, he controls her life and calls her untrue filthy names. Instead of helping her raise the kids, he sits around all day drinking beer and watching television. This bum has no idea what a job is. He probably can’t even spell it, seeing as he hardly has any education. You’re looking at a true lazy slacker who doesn’t strive to better himself but instead just strives to get by – barely. The kids grow up watching this – leaving the daughter to have mental issues and dating the same kind of guys her father was, and the son growing up to be the same abusive alcoholic or a confused loner.

Of course the mother ends up scarred for life, never allowing another man to fully enter her life again, thereby being cheated out of the true love that she deserves. And don’t forget the stress she endures working two jobs to support her children because the lazy Macho Man doesn’t even have the decency to pay child support. He’d rather quit his job first.

No man should ever put a woman down, especially his wife. If a woman truly isn’t any good, then why would any man want to date her? Why wouldn’t he just divorce her if she did end up being different than what he thought she was when he married her? It says alot about such a man. Obviously he’s desperate or he wouldn’t be with her.

When a man and women first meet, it might start out as a physical attraction, but if theres no mental connection, the new romance between them isn’t going to last long. Women like to know that a guy isn’t with them just because of their physical beauty, but also for the great qualities she possesses inside. She wants to know that he truly loves her because they have things in common, plus some unique qualities about her that aren’t the same as his so that they can both learn from each other.

While it’s true that both men and women should always strive to improve themselves on a daily basis, the fact is that men are the ones who have to approach women and ask them out. That’s why it’s important that men make the extra effort to improve their confidence, social skills and learn how to truly treat a woman right. It’s important that you guys read as many dating, social and confidence building books as possible on a daily basis. And if you truly feel like you have some inner demons that you can’t defeat on your own, seek out the proper mental help immediately in order to get better and form a healthy attitude towards women. Good luck, and keep me posted on your success.

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