7 Deadly Sins of Drinking on a Night Out

drinking woman

It’s hard to admit, but we have a drinking problem here in UK. A recent study by Bentleysoflondon established that marriages end in divorce 45 percent of the time, when one of the spouses drinks heavily. You hear the term ‘Binge Drinking Culture’ thrown around all the time in the media, but you only have to go out on a Friday or Saturday night to know that this is true. Wave after wave of drunk revelers, staggering aimlessly up and down the streets like victims of a zombie outbreak. And why? All in the name of getting laid.

“But I just want to have a laugh with my mates”. Maybe so, but this is a by-product. The main reason people consume so much alcohol at the weekend, is to attempt to lower their inhibitions and to try and meet someone. Why do I know this? Because I used to be exactly the same. By getting absolutely obliterated each weekend, I somehow thought this would assist me in plucking up the courage to talk to men. What did it do instead? It usually meant that by the time I did gather this ‘Dutch courage’, I was usually so inebriated that whatever slurred, incomprehensible message I shouted in a girl’s ear, failed to do justice to the great first impression I knew I was capable of making.

The reason this problem exists, is because we as a society have come to accept it. Its ‘mob mentality’ that causes people to think “As long as everybody else is doing it, then it’s alright’”. People are conditioned to think that they need to drink in order to have a good time and, if they don’t, they become very self-conscious and uncomfortable. It also allows us a convenient excuse for our behavior. Whether we do something bad (argue with our friends) or fail to do something good (successfully attract a woman), we are able to blame it on “Oh well, I was battered”.

This unhealthy dependency on alcohol is one of the number one reasons men fail to attract men and is something that, if you ever want to be truly successful with the opposite sex, you need to cut down considerably or stop altogether.

So here are the 7 deadly sins of drinking on a night out:

  1. You cannot take ownership of your achievements. This means any success you do have with men on a night out, you cannot claim entirely as your own. If you can kiss a man in a club, but you can’t even talk to one in a shop, clearly there is a reliance on some external factor.
  2. Embarrassing yourself. One of the side effects of lowering your inhibitions is that you will be much more likely to behave in an undignified way. This includes anything from rubbish fancy dress costumes, to full on nudity and passing out in the street (all of which I see on a regular basis).
  3. Poor judgement. I’m sure you’ve all either experienced or know people who have experienced waking up next to somebody they wish they’d rather not have. As well as lowering your inhibitions, alcohol also lowers your standards and means you’re much more likely to sleep with someone that you may regret.
  4. With the price of alcohol constantly rising to subsidies the strain on the NHS that it causes, it’s not uncommon to hear of people spending 100+ on a night out. Once you factor in the drinks, the taxis because you can’t drive, the cigarettes you wouldn’t normally smoke and all of the other associated costs, it quickly becomes a very financially inefficient way to meet men.
  5. This is certainly one of the darker sides of alcohol and one that should be taken very seriously. Alcohol increases aggression and when this is combined with the frustration most men feel from their lack of success with men, it doesn’t take much for sparks to start flying. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a brawl in Starbucks?
  6. Health. This is another factor that should be taken very seriously. The damage that alcohol causes your body is extreme and can lead to liver disease and even cancer. Not to mention the impact it can have on your appearance with the average beer weighing in at 250kcal per pint! Combine five or six of those with a kebab at the end of the night and you’ve probably exceeded your daily allowance in one evening alone.
  7. Hangovers. As if all of the above reasons weren’t bad enough, paying for it the next morning with a thumping headache, feeling of a nausea and a mouth that feels like something died in it, hardly strikes me as an attractive deal.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t ever have a drink again. The occasional beer or cocktail can be very pleasant if enjoyed in moderation. However, if you rely on drinking in order to have a good time when you’re out or to be successful with local single men, then you still have internal issues that need resolving. Take it from a reformed binge-drinker whose self-esteem, disposable income and confidence with men have all sky-rocketed since cutting out the booze.