Conceal that Teeny-Bopper Side


Guys ask you out on a date because they find you attractive. This is basically the reason why they want to know more about you. However, if you want more than adoration and you wish to be taken seriously by men, you have to exhibit respectable traits. If the man is aware of your past and he decided to ask you out, he expects a sense of maturity from you. He’s probably attracted to more experienced women and he prefers to be with someone whose wavelength is the same as his. Displaying your fully developed mental and emotional faculty on your date should be a major consideration as it signifies proper demeanor. Here are some reasons why you have to conceal your teeny bopper side on a date.

Childishness is a turn-off.

Of course, you have infantile behavior like everybody does. But revealing this on your first date should not be an option. You have to be as modest as you can to impose that you are educated and you conform to recognized standards of manners. Childishness is a major turn-off for guys. While having dinner in a romantic place, you must act like a classy lady and not a silly teeny bopper. Speak sensibly and do not make unnecessary gestures.

He might think you’re not his match.

Men have greater tendency to behave immaturely. But despite this notion, they still prefer someone who is matured enough to understand them when they go juvenile and someone who can muddle through their opinions and behavior when they get serious. If the guy you are with sees your childishness right away, he might throw out the thought of pursuing you.

Your sense of responsibility will be questioned.

As a single parent, people expect you to exhibit ripeness all the time. It’s really not easy to raise kids. One needs patience and determination to have this done fruitfully. But you won’t be able to realize this if your mindset is as raw as that of a teenager. Being responsible and living life maturely always go hand in hand. If you do not want the way you handle your obligations to be questioned, you have to be well-aware of your duties and be responsive to it. You have to think of your kids first in any given circumstance. If you demonstrate your happy-go-lucky side too much, the guy will not think of you as his dream partner anymore.

You can still have fun on your date without having to act like a child. There’s a right venue for teeny bopping but while in the stage of dating, you should make an effort to conceal it.

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