How To Talk To A Hot Girl


I bet you’ve been in this position: You want to talk to a hot girl but just can’t seem to do it. We’ve all been there: You see a really hot sexy girl and your mouth dries up, your stomach twisted in knots. A recent study by suggests that walking into a first date with confidence sets the stage for successful romantic initiation.

When I had no confidence with women, I would just look, stare, hang my jaw and wish that I could somehow start talking to her. I fantasised scenarios like her being mugged by some guy and me catching him and saving her, just so I would be able to talk to her.

In my mind she would thank me and then suddenly fall in love with me because I was her hero. Then we walk into the distance, hand-in-hand smiling. We would live happily ever after, and life would be sweet.

Reality check: Life just ain’t like that. What a mug I was 🙂

Here’s the deal: Hot women are just like any other women. They are human beings after all. There are maybe a few subtle differences but nothing major that means she needs to be treated extra special or anything.

Here’s some guidelines to keep in mind when you talk to a hot girl:

Don’t Acknowledge her beauty

When you talk to a hot girl, try not to focus all of your attention onto her natural beauty. There are a few reasons for this; firstly she will be so use to people focusing on her natural beauty that it won’t separate you from the crowd. Secondly, focusing on her looks can make you look shallow and makes you look like you are just interested in her because of her looks. Problem is, women love to get compliments, so what do you do? Instead of complimenting her on her natural beauty, instead focus on her choices that make her look more attractive. Say that the way she has her hair really suits her or tell her that the outfit she is wearing looks good on her.

Being confident

You can’t let her beauty affect your confidence. It can be easy for you to allow her beauty to make you feel unconfident about whether you should be talking to her. Well you should be so make sure you talk to her and allow your true confident self to shine through. You should talk to her like you would talk to people you know. This girl isn’t any different to anyone else apart from the fact she is hotter. Deep down she is just another human being who has the same needs and desires that everyone else has.

Don’t assume anything

As they say, assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. Just cause a girl is really hot doesn’t mean she is an air head. Hot women [just like any other women] love guys who can hold a decent conversation. Being able to talk to a hot girl and have a decent conversation shows that you are a high value man who is more interested in her intellectual side and not just the way she looks. Also remember that just cause they are hot doesn’t mean that they need an extra special conversation. They will be happy to have the same types of conversation you would have with any girl. Like I have said in previous articles, on a biological side,all women are very similar and even hot girls enjoy the same conversations as other women.

There you have it

Now you know that when you talk to a hot girl you just need to treat it like you would talk to any other girl. Make sure that you focus on her decision making skills, talk to her in a confident manner and make sure you keep the conversation decent and flowing but remember it doesn’t have to be anything extra special.

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