The Great Outdoors: 5 Fun Family Activities to Try On Your Next Vacation


Whether your family contains a lot of children or all of your children are now adults, doing something together as a family can be fun and beneficial for everyone. With the holidays upon us, it’s likely that everyone will be gathering together to celebrate. Although the holidays are a wonderful time to spend with your family, you don’t have to limit your togetherness to just celebrating a special occasion. You can also make time to do other memorable activities with each other, some of which might even become a future tradition. Here are some family activities to try the next time you and your family are together.

#1: Camping

Getting away from it all and experiencing the great outdoors is a great way for families to “unplug” and spend quality time together. Fresh air is good for both physical and mental health, and just being outside, in general, has a positive impact on mental health. Camping is also a great experience for younger children, as they have the opportunity to learn about nature and basic survival skills. The great part about camping is that you don’t have to travel to a campground— you can camp out right in your own backyard if you’d like! With small children, you can even build a fort and “camp out” in your living room.

#2: Cooking

The holidays are the perfect time of year for families to gather together in the kitchen and cook together. This is a special activity that can also be done throughout the entire year. If you have special recipes that you want to pass down to your kids someday, you can start teaching them at any age. Even the youngest of children can help out by pouring and stirring ingredients. This is also a good way to bridge the gap between the older and younger members of your family: grandparents especially love sharing their recipes and cooking skills with their grandchildren and children.

#3: Picnic

A picnic in the park is a great way to spend time with family, plus you can pack some of your most favorite foods and treats! If it’s too cold to picnic outside, you can lay a blanket down on the floor of your living room or family room and have your picnic indoors. Another option is to set up a table in your backyard. This way, you’ll be in the privacy of your home and won’t have to worry about busy, noisy parks. This is also a good option if you have children who are sensitive to loud sounds and become easily overwhelmed when around a lot of people.

#4: Play Cards

Playing cards is another great family activity that everyone of all ages can enjoy. Kids can enjoy classic card games such as Go Fish and Old Maid, and they can even be taught to play Uno. If you’re not into card games, you can always play board games or even video games with your family. A little family-friendly competition can be fun, and you’re still spending quality time with your loved ones.

#5: Watch Movies

Though watching movies isn’t as social as the other activities listed, it’s still a good way to spend time with family. It can still be a cozy and heart-warming experience, especially if you light a fire, make some hot cocoa, and choose a family-themed movie to enjoy together. You can go old-school and watch your favorite videotapes or DVDs from your childhood. However, most families now have smart TVs and use streaming platforms to watch TV shows and movies. Some of the best streaming apps include Disney+ for kids and adults, and even Netflix and Hulu have a library for kids and families.

Every family is unique, so you may have your own traditions you already follow. As long as you’ve gathered together and enjoyed each other’s company, you’re spending quality time with the people you love most.