Selecting an Outfit for a First Date: Tips for Men


Meeting that lovely lady, or gent, for the first time, brings butterflies in the stomach. This is a wonderful feeling, to be complemented with the right outfits, and right first impressions. These impressions need to be lasting. It means showing up in a suit may not always make the impression sought. 

First Date Impressions

Picture a first date in the form of a picnic; there would be no need to show up in a suit. However, if you just got out of the office, it is understandable. Pretending to be someone else is annoying, and a suit only works at five-star hotels. If at the beach, grab clean shorts and swim trunks – not speedos. As you check out dating website reviews, you realize women prefer well-groomed men to men with borrowed suits. Here are some handy tips for men for that first date


Plan to impress her with a five-star meal?  Wear something fitting. If you visit a five-star hotel, khakis, a dress shirt and decent cologne work fine. Shorts remind her of boys in reality shows or surf buddies. It is unimpressive. Worse yet, it implies you aren’t cultured enough for her. Check out tips for dressing on dating website reviews; ask the ladies for dressing tips before showing up on a date. 


Most men love tee shirts. This isn’t problematic until you begin wearing politically-oriented tees. These may not boast profanity, but on a first date, it is ill-advised. If you cannot find something cute to wear, grab a clean, plain t-shirt. Letting her in your political affiliations, or hatred of certain parties is the worst first impression ever. Stick to donning clean shirts, with no impressions.  It might be the last time you see a lady if you decide to don her country flag colors – they will not be impressed. 

How about What to Avoid?

Certain styles came and went, and if you still entertain them, it might be time for a makeover. 

Baggy Jeans 

Do not, under any circumstances, wear baggy anything. Boy bands and gangsta rappers put these styles on the map decades ago, and they were put to rest then too. These styles can only imply one’s immaturity. Try bringing sexy back using other means. After reading dating website reviews, you realize most ladies prefer well-groomed men, wearing fitting outfits. 


It may seem hard to swallow, but showing off gold chains and a diamond earring, for a man, is played out and corny. The new age dictates that earrings remain on female ears. Chances are she doesn’t wear earrings or necklaces either. So, why would you be the female in the relationship?

Celebrity Fads 

Certain trends pick up as soon as celebrities embrace them, but many should remain with celebs. Most high-profile celebrities can wear almost anything, and get away with it. This is not the case for regular folks. Rappers and pop stars have trends that should be avoided at all costs. These can be large hats, ridiculous shoes, and custom-made outfits fit for indoors, nowhere else. 


Men don’t always wear skimpy outfits, but there are isolated incidents. These include leaving the house in a wife-beater, small shorts, and sometimes in shirts with the chest open. Not everyone appreciates an open-chest shirt, and some ladies might find it offensive, or vain. Stick to covering up at all times, unless she asks to see some skin. 

Although this list is not exhaustive, it covers the nitty-gritty of what to focus on, and especially what to avoid. If the first date is with a lady from a different culture, focus on keeping things simple, and plain. Vibrant colors could insinuate something offensive.