15 First Date Mistakes To Avoid


There are plenty of lists on the Internet about ten first date faux pas, which included bad manners, being late, and answering phone calls (isn’t this the same as “bad manners”?). Now, how about some tips that may not be complete no-brainers, huh? After the jump, 15 more first date mistakes to avoid.

  1. Quoting Oprah more than once.
  2. Shortening words that really don’t need to be shortened, like “totes,” “blowie,” and “obvi.”
  3. Starting any sentence with the phrase, “Well, my therapist says … “
  4. Ever mentioning your “girl boner.” Trust — guys do not want to think of you with a boner, no matter how cute you think the phrase is.
  5. Keeping your Spanx on during a make-out session. Girl, if it gets that far, excuse yourself to the bathroom and discreetly remove said undergarment and stuff it in your purse.
  6. Seeing a movie about war criminals, Holocaust survivors, or rape.
  7. Eating Mexican food.
  8. Saying “Let’s do this again” if you don’t really mean it.
  9. Planning anything that lasts more than three hours. (If the first date naturally goes longer, great, but don’t plan for it to).
  10. Calling anyone you ever dated “crazy.”
  11. Giving more than three compliments.
  12. Answering more than two or three questions without asking one in return.
  13. Asking more than three questions in a row.
  14. Breaking in brand-new shoes.
  15. Divulging your insecurities.


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