First Date Mistakes To Avoid


1. Talk about exes as “psycho.” This says more to your date about your ability to pick em than it does about your ex.

2. Putting on so much perfume/cologne that your date smells you coming before seeing you. If your Axe spray goes ballistic on you and it’s not your fault, I suppose you can claim psychotic perfume ladies in the department store you happened to visit just prior to your date. Make up a good story though or you are going to be that “stinky date.”

3. Facial hair gone wild. Guys and girls. Tame that forrest!

4. Give and receive phone. Texting, calling, conferencing, showing off your iPhone apps… all of it… LEAVE your phone in the car if you can’t help yourself. If you are “on call” you have an out for this one, but may want to do something special to let your date know that you are bummed that your phone insisted on joining you for your date. Even better… schedule the date on a nite you have off-duty!

5. Clothes. Girls — try to limit the cleavage and legs just a little bit. Unless you are going for hooker-chic… in which case, add tight and shiny to the cleavage and booty! Boys — take something off the hanger for the occasion. Your “sniff test” might miss the fact that your shirt/pants LOOK like you dug them out of the laundry pile.

6. Bringing your mom. Unless you are younger than 16, no excuses on this one.

7. Bringing your children/dog. Yes, I know you love them and they are a HUGE part of your life, but this is a good time to leave them with a sitter or friend so you can meet this new person one on one. Drool of any sort is just not sexy.

8. Convincing your friends to “accidentally” show up where you are having your date. Not good form. Be a grown up and decide yes or no on your own. Obviously, you can ignore this one if you are on a “group date.” You can also ignore most dating advice for the occasion since you aren’t really on a date.

9. Insult the other person. Yes, some people, especially those of the British persuasion, love a good come back or snarky quip but no one wants to be insulted. “Yo momma” comments are definitely gonna get you the gong.

10. Don’t have fun. Treat the whole evening as one, long, painful exercise in grilling each other to determine if you are “the one.” This is definitely a great way to make it to date #2. RELAX! Its just another person and they are wanting to have a good time as much as you are. No one likes being bored, ignored, insulted or grilled for an entire evening. Even if you aren’t a match — have fun and get to know the person sitting across from you!

A final note… all is not lost if you have done one or all of the above. Sometimes you may have other charms that outshine even the largest of blunders. If you forget yourself and do one of the above, just try to be aware of what positives you do have that can change it from a disaster to a great story, friendship or experience.