How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Family


You found her. You found the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Problem is you haven’t met her family yet and, if life has taught you anything, it’s that the success of your relationship is riding, at least in part, on whether or not her parents like you.

And unless they’re mildly psychotic, impressing them and getting them to like you is not all that hard. But it does require some work on your part. If you’re willing to do what it takes to win them over, there’s a good chance that your girl will fall even harder for you.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #1

Treat Her Well

Above and beyond all else, you have to treat your girlfriend like gold at all times. If you start making fun of her or airing her dirty laundry at the dinner table, you may think you’re being funny, and they may even laugh with you, but when all is said and done, they won’t consider you loyal. And loyalty among family is very important.

Even if her brother makes fun of her, it’s up to you to big her up and show the family that you love your girl and are ecstatic to be with her. Anything less than that might get you evil looks from her doting dad.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #2

Be A Team

Even if you disagree with her views on something, you need to show her parents that you’re a team with your united front. If her family begins to egg her on or confront you with questions that make you uncomfortable or might lead to conflict, do your best to get your girlfriend to do the answering.

As well, don’t argue in front of her parents. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting around watching as their daughter and her boyfriend go at it like schoolchildren.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #3

Invite Them Over

To make a good impression, it would be great if you and your girlfriend invite her parents over for dinner before they have to hint at it. This way, they can come over on your terms and you’ll be ready to meet them.

Prepare a simple dinner, making sure to take note of allergies and preferences, and welcome them in with open arms. If they bring over any food, dessert or wine, serve it.


Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #4

Be Honest About Intent

There will come a time when her family will ask you the hard-hitting questions that may put you in the hot seat. The way you react will tell them a lot about you.

Your best bet would be to answer as honestly as you can and ask for their advice about little things. That way, they feel like they’re contributing to her life and will like you more for believing that they have her best interests at heart.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #5

Accept Their Traditions

If you’re invited over to their house and after dinner they play charades, don’t venture off into a corner and mumble something about not playing because you don’t enjoy it. If you want to be accepted as part of the family, join in on the fun as best you can and be willing to laugh at yourself.

Soon, you and your girlfriend can create your own rituals and traditions, and get her parents in on your fun. Being in a stick in the mud, however, will not gain you any points in her family’s household.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #6

Offer To Help

When you arrive at her parents’ home, offer to help right away. There’s a good chance you’ll get a “no”, so ask again. If they refuse once again, don’t force the issue.

Do the same after dinner. Grab your empty plate and your girlfriend’s empty plate and head to the kitchen. If all the women in the house begin to clean up, however, don’t wander in the kitchen to help; head to wherever the guys go.

Impress your girlfriend’s family tip #7

Give Mom A Gift

While you don’t have to do so every time, every once in awhile, especially the first time heading over, get your girlfriend’s mom a little gift like flowers or a gift basket.

Most women love receiving gifts and her mom is no different, so make sure to leave a good impression by showing her how thoughtful you are.

Impress your girlfriend’s family for good

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what it takes to impress your girlfriend’s parents and if you genuinely like them, then your life with her will be a piece of cake.

Now if only you could ensure that she’ll impress your family.