The “I Dont Care” Factor – How It Can Work For YOU!


When it comes to dating there are so many frustrated boys and girls out there a common statement is ” I just don’t care anymore”.

More or less these are people who are in a “single” rut as I would say. There is one instance where this statement could be a turning point in their dating lives depending on what they mean when they say this.

Ever heard of the cliche term, “you find someone when you are not looking for them” – well what does law of attraction have to say about that huh? So as I was thinking about this the other day, I came to a really awesome conclusion and now I’m going to share this with you.

There are the two meanings that this one statement could have.

When someone says “I just don’t care anymore” – most of the time you can see it on their face and hear it in their voice that they do care. They clearly care and they have been caring for a really long time and are now just frustrated and miserable that they still haven’t found someone. Ultimately they wear this statement as a badge of honur.

“I’m cool” because “I don’t care anymore”.

Yeh, your not fooling anyone ….

Because as you make this statement it is clearly obvious to everyone around you that you do care, it does bother you and your miserable.

These people will remain single for a little while longer.

Then you have the people that say “I just don’t care anymore”- but what they have come to, is an acceptance that they haven’t found someone yet and the realization that they can be just as happy with or without a partner by their side.

These are the people that go out there and celebrate life regardless of their relationship status, people who fully engaged in everything that they do.

People who look at finding a partner as an addition to their life rather than the whole existence of their life. People who seek to understand themselves better, to learn about life and deal with every situation that comes their way.

These people have been able to remove the anger from their lives, the wishing the wanting of something different to happen to them, than what IS happening to right now.

Every single day that I am in a relationship I realize how much “being single” was practice to have a better relationship.

Yet it can be hard to see this when you are single and have been for quite some time. All I can say is that being single is a process, it’s a journey and it doesn’t stop when you meet the right person.

The trumpets don’t sound, music doesn’t start playing and no “happy ending” is in sight.

As Margaret Bonnano once said “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis”.

SO with that said “the I don’t care factor” can be really effective – but only if you truly mean it, are detached from outcome and fully engaged with your life.