3 Ways to Bounce Back After a Break Up


Break ups can be one of the most challenging things to deal with. In many ways, they can make you feel like your life has come to a screeching stop. Here are 3 simple things you can do to bounce back after a break up.

Did you recognize the signs your girlfriend is cheating or what is worse did you just get dumped and you’re feeling a bit down?

First, of all I want you to know that I’ve been there myself, and even though the pain you’re experiencing may seem unbearable, you’re not alone in all this.

But how can you get back on your feet and enjoy life again when it’s nearly impossible to keep yourself together through the day?

Well, here are three things that can help you bounce back after a break up.

1. First, Cut All Contact with Your Ex.

It’s going to really slow down your healing if you are constantly in touch with your ex.  Those wounds will just get reopen every time you two fight or you find out some news about how they are dating someone already.

Give yourself a real chance to recover by cutting your ex out of your life, at least for now.  A good rule of thumb is to stay away from them for about one month.

I understand that you may not be able to cut all contact with your ex, especially if the two of you work together or go to school together.  If that’s the case, limit the contact as much as possible and keep it strictly professional.

2. Second, Realize This Comes From You

There’s no doubt about it, these negative feelings you’re going through are coming from YOU.  If you’re feeling bad right now, it is because you are focusing your mind on the negative parts of life.

You could just as easily focus on the positive things in life.  You’re healthy, you’ve got a job to help you pay the bills, you’ve got some friends.  There really is no shortage of things to be grateful and happy about if you really look for them.

All it takes is a simple change in your thinking and you can lift yourself from the depths of despair to actually feeling good about life again.

3. Third, Focus on Yourself

Okay, so maybe you can understand that what you focus your mind on creates your emotions, but it sure can be difficult to control what you focus your mind on, especially during a break up (isn’t that an understatement!).

Well, what you need to do is focus on yourself for now. 

Do some things that make YOU happy.  Now is a great time to dust off those French textbooks you’ve got gathering dust on your bookshelf and start learning again.  Now is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to salsa dance, just like you’ve been meaning to for awhile now.  And now is the best time to get out of your comfort zone and start making some new friends.

As you make progress and improve yourself, this will undoubtedly help you with your feelings of confidence.  The better you get, the better you’ll feel about yourself and your life again.

This is probably one of the best ways to rebuild your confidence after it’s been shattered to pieces from a break up.

The bottom line is that a break up can be extremely challenging, but if you choose to, you can make this the beginning of one of the most positive times in your life.  Stop and reflect on your life and take action to move it in the direction you’ve always wanted to take it in.  All it takes is one small step at a time and you’ll find that your days start to become brighter and happier again before too long.

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