You Never Lose Until You Give Up


When I first wanted to start this blog I have to admit, I had doubts. It’s not because I don’t have a lot of creativity or ability to produce a good one. In fact, I believe that I can produce an amazing blog, and after receiving a lot of positive input from all you incredible readers, I know I’ve succeeded.

At first, all I heard from everybody was, this will never work, you won’t make any money from it, you’re wasting your time, etc, etc. From all directions I heard nothing but negative comments from everybody I knew, and people who knew them. There was even this woman who did nothing but bash my website as if she was hoping it would fail.

I’m assuming that the people who were closest to me were only looking out for my own good by trying to deter me not only from wasting precious time, but also the disappointment they thought I’d feel when it finally did fail.

Many of those who weren’t looking out for me were either just hoping out of jealousy that it would fail, since they are too afraid to take chances and make their dreams come true in their own lives. Others are caught up in all the negative energy being thrown at us on a daily basis from the media, which reports hardship and suffering from around the world and the scandals and downfalls of politicians, businessmen and, of course, celebrities. They have fallen into the negativity trap and forgotten from when they were a child how great and positive things can be when you enjoy what you’re doing and don’t pay as much attention to things you can’t change.

I was stubborn like I’ve always been and decided to start and stick to writing this blog, no matter what anybody said or thought. Deep down inside from growing up in a diverse environment, working tons of different jobs, and socializing with literally hundreds of people, I had a lot of amazing experiences and knowledge that would be interesting and helpful to others.

Money was not a factor that inspired me to create this blog. What made me start this blog was the poor social and dating advice I saw floating around the internet and on television. It was not only unhelpful but also destructive to men and women, especially men. And the advice worth mentioning was either incomplete or too hard to find, since none of it was organized in one place. So when people said that this blog would never make money, I just looked at them and laughed. If money was the reason why I wanted to start this blog in the first place, it would have been a lousy reason for starting it.

A great reason for starting any type of website or blog should be passion. Just like many of you men and women out there, at one time also I struggled with dating and socializing. It’s not that people like us aren’t talented, creative, friendly or good enough to be liked by others. It’s because, just like anybody else in life, we go through our own struggles and problems and sometimes just need a little help from someone in order to work through them and realize that, if we don’t give up on ourselves and our dreams, we can overcome any obstacles put in our way.

I took all the hard lessons that I learned from overcoming problems I’ve had such as shyness, fear, social awkwardness and cluelessness, and decided to create a blog that would address these issues and help others in need of it. In other words, everything I write on this blog is focused on putting the needs of my readers first. And because a lot of people, including me, have faced these problems before in life, it makes me not only passionate but extremely dedicated to continuing working on this blog even when at times it can seem tough.

I can remember when I put up my first post how nervous and excited I was, since for me blogging was unknown territory. But after seeing how many people were visiting, linking to, and commenting about how helpful my advice was and how much they loved my site, all I can remember is how great I felt inside knowing that I was able to help others out there in need, even if it was just one person.

This makes me so glad I was stubborn enough to not listen to all the people who gave up and never gave themselves the chance to prove to others and themselves that, no matter how tough things may seem or how big the obstacle is, everybody in this world has some kind of helpful knowledge or experience they can offer. And that means everybody. All you have to do is believe in yourself and be stubborn about achieving your goals, and trust me when I say that eventually not only will your dreams come true but you will shock yourself. Besides, if I hadn’t had the courage to get started in the first place, you wouldn’t be reading this blog and would have never known who I was or what great advice I had to offer.

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