Special Forces – If the Best Of The Best Taught Pick Up!


Have you ever felt like you needed to know every possible reaction to every possible scenario when it comes to approaching women and attracting women.

Yeah? Well you’re not the only one. It a man thing that we play out the options in our head constantly before taking action.

Well, this is a bit of fun. This is what it would be like when we go out, if we did everything with military precision…

My two wingmen and I were preparing for a special covert mission: Operation Slaptickle.

As the name suggests, this operation involved a night on the town picking up women.

It’s all about having the right gear to survive a night out. Enemy troops (that’s women to you civilians) lurk around ever corner ready to put up resistance. We had every game plan and military tactics personnel could provide (ebooks, Cds, DVDs, all off the internet).

Suddenly my wingman shouted out, “This pick up malarky is bone!” (definition of bone – bollocks, naff, not very good). I think he was losing faith in the effectiveness of our strategy.

“Watch your mouth soldier,” I hollered, “we need everyone 100% ready to meet and attract women tonight.”

“Sorry sarge.” He replied.

I finished briefing the lads. We had spent nearly twelve hours deliberating over things yesterday. You can never be too careful when creating a plan of attack – the enemy is clever and devious. They will employ tactics gained over many years of experince to shoot you down as quick as possible. The way to get around this is to be prepared. As a soldier you can never be too prepared.

We got kitted up: Jeans – check, shirt – check, shoes – check, smellies – check.

Fall into line. This is it. Saddle up. “Stay frosty people” my words ring out over the comms.

Just as we are about to leave, I realise that I have forgotten an integral part of the plan. We have no backup plan for the backup plan.

“Ok soldiers. Before we leave we need to come up with a backup plan for the backup plan.” The men look strangely relieved.

Better get a brew on, it could be another long night of preparation and analysis…

“Sir permission to speak,” my number two pipes up.

“Granted,” I reply.

“Every time we are getting ready to go out we think of something to learn. Would it not be best if we actually went out and attempted a pick up for real?”.

Silence. Only the sound of the kettle boiling nearby. The boy’s got a point…

Learning how to talk to girls should not be that hard. When you approach, meet and attract women it should not need precise military action.

Most guys who learn this stuff and plan every minute detail like a military operation tend to never even get out and try it. This is ‘paralysis by analysis’.

They become so concerned with what might happen and what could be done to avoid it that they never go out and do it.

It’s at this point you realise that there is no substitute to learning to pick up girls than getting out into the real world and trying it for yourself. Yes by all means learn techniques. But once you have some techniques down, go out and try them.

If all you have learned is how to approach a girl, then go out and do so. If you get to a point where you struggle for what to do next then go home and learn the next part.

Many guys have great knowledge of attraction, body language, female psychology, but never go out and try anything. They know what to do at the beginning the middle and even the end of an interaction, but never get anywhere because they don’t ever get to start any interactions.

Others learn little and try it out. Then learn a bit more. The feedback from this experience creates a positive feedback loop where they are compelled to learn and try more.

So get out there and put something you’ve learned to work. And remember: you can’t fail, you can only learn.