Romantic Things Nobody’s Done for Her Before


When it comes to being romantic, most guys disappoint. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, just dating, or trying to amaze a girl you have a crush on, it’s always the same stuff: chocolate; roses; dinner at that Italian place. You’ve done it all dozens of times and so has she.

Don’t you want to be different?

Be the guy she’ll be telling all her friends about for weeks; the guy who did something unique and creative; the guy who created the moments that she will remember and cherish.

To make that a reality, you have to do something that is both unexpected and awesome. There are many ways to impress, but in this post I’ll share 6 romantic things that will set you apart from all the other men in a girl’s life.

A Rooftop Dinner Date

The dinner doesn’t actually have to be this fancy.

Forget Hollywood movies: romantic rooftop dinners are rare in real life. Not too many girls have enjoyed food, wine and music beneath the moonlit sky. So what are you waiting for?

To arrange this date, get access to a rooftop. Many buildings lock theirs off, but ask around: someone you know is bound to have access to a roof in the city.

Set a table, two chairs and the dinner itself there. The food and drinks are best left stashed an hour in advance of the date to make sure nothing happens to them while you’re gone. Better yet, get a friend to help you out by helping with the set-up.

If you don’t live in a city, you can replace the rooftop with a field, a mountaintop, a spot on the beach: any picturesque location will work.

The Ninja Bouquet

Buy a nice bouquet of Her favorite flowers before a date and give them to a friend. His task is to stay near you – bouquet at the ready – when you’re out with Her.

When She’s distracted or looking away, signal: that’s his cue to come over, give you the flowers and walk away. When she turns around, you give her a bouquet that came literally out of nowhere. Awesome, right?

Extreme Dating

Instead of going to the cinema or for dinner, try something really adventurous for once. Book a session of horseback riding, go-karting, paintballing or another “extreme” activity.

Be creative with your date ideas, but don’t plan something too crazy too early: not every girl wants to go parachute jumping on a first date!

Dancing Under the Stars

Can you dance (at all)? If you can at least shuffle along to a slow song, take your MP3 player and a pair of headphones on your next date.

Once you’re on the date, find a picturesque location with as few people as possible. (I like bridges at night, because the moonlight reflecting off a river’s surface looks amazing.)

Give her a headphone, take one yourself and start dancing. For maximum effect, do this under a light snowfall.

She Won’t be Expecting the Unexpected!

A really simple – but effective – way to surprise Her is by showing up when/where you’re not supposed to be. A student of mine once showed up in the middle of a girl’s bus route with a box of chocolates and she was blown away!

My personal favorite is surprising your girlfriend by coming over when you’re supposed to be far away. Pick a day when she’s alone and missing you; call her and chat for 10-15 minutes as you’re walking up to her home. Then, knock on her door and… Boom!

Enlist Help

Just don’t ask him to play “My lumps”

If you have street performers somewhere in your city, approach a band before your date and pay (or ask) them to play Her favorite song when they see you walking down the street together.

It only takes a few minutes to arrange, but she’ll remember the gesture for a long time to come.

Of course, no single thing can sweep a woman off her feet: it’s a continuous effort. No romantic gesture compares to being attentive and creative day in and day out. Having said that, magic moments like these can really put the icing on the cake!

Use these ideas – verbatim or for inspiration – and you will stand out and impress.

If you have suggestions, recommendations or more romantic ideas for sweeping women off their feet, leave a comment!

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