Does Attractiveness Have Anything To Do With Age?


Are older women really more desperate?

Are older men really more attractive?

Well I just read in an recent Daily Telegraph paper that how hot we really “think” we are is relative to our age.

Now that statement may seem really obvious. But let me explain.

Now I sure all the young girlies who are reading this, while they may have some boy problems really don’t have too much of a shortage of choice.

Then all of a sudden when they grow older and reach the age of 33-34 they start to notice that its that little bit harder to score a guy.

Is that just because guys don’t really go for older women? Is that just because guys don’t like women with more life experience?

What is the reason for this?

Well girls you are going to love these stats.

This is in Australia so the stats may be a little different in the states. But for single women from ages 15-17 there is an oversupply of single men of 10%, peaking at 23% when a single woman reaches the age of 25.

So really all us young girlies thinking we are so hot, irresistible could be very possibly because there is an oversupply of single men out there in the available market. Our Hot Deflation Index is running high.

So all I can say, is if you can’t get a date or any guy interested in you while you are young, then there is probably something you are doing wrong.

Here the Author Bernard Salt states ” What young women may not understand us that their interest of their many suitors might not be because of their gorgeous personalities and their overall hotness, it might be that boys are lonely and desperate”.

In other words, women may be deluded about their actual attractiveness.

Now older women on the other hand who are older than 34 may experience a slowing down in their love life’s and many find it hard to get a good quality guy.

They think it has to do with the fact that their winkles are starting to show, things are starting to stag and maybe things are not as tight as they once used to be. (I’m sure I’ll get to write about it first hand one day).

They think because they are older that they are therefore not as attractive anymore.

But is that really true?

Well you guessed it, by the time single women reach the age of 34 the odds start to go downhill. In fact their ratio exceeds that of the male ratio meaning there are more single men out there as opposed to single women over 34.

Yes the tables turn.

And eventually men in their 40s have very favorable age ratios to single women … which is probably why a 40 year old single woman is called a spinster and a 40 year old male is called an eligible bachelor.

So what is my advice?

Firstly for women. Score a guy when you are young. If it fails, get back into the market as soon as possible.

Secondly for men. Wait till your 40.

Thirdly remember your really not as attractive as you really think you are.


Ok Ok seriously.

For women I would have to say, that since you are probably getting approached by a lot of men, be gentle to the guys you are not interested in. Don’t come from a desperate or clingy mindset, statistically there are more guys out there for you then you know what to do with.

Just because you may be attracting a lot of male interest, does not mean you have to reject, humiliate or be really abusive to a guy who you are not interested in. Remember karma is a bitch.

For older women, remember not to be as picky as when you were younger. Realize the facts, that the male pool at your age is not as big.

That does not mean settle for less. But it means you will need to get rid of useless and superficial criteria of what you want in a guy. Certain age, certain job type. At the end of the day remember is how he makes you feel about yourself.

For guys. Realize that when you are young there is a lot of competition out there. Don’t be disheartened and make sure you prepare yourself and have some sort of advantage over your competitors.

Just think … what would make YOU stand out of a crowd a guys and make a girl interested in you?

For older men. Enjoy the fact that as you age .. you get culturally sexier and your hot deflation index is going through the roof.

And since this was a brilliant article I will let Salt have the last words.

“The best time to get an honest appraisal of your hotness is between age 33 and 38, when the Hot Deflation Index for both genders is less than 110.

The bad news is that the rest of the population must be entirely deluded to their varying degrees about the extent of their attractiveness to the opposite sex”.

Are you deluded about your hotness, attractiveness and irresistibility?