How to Be a True Friend


We all have one or more friends that we love like family. Those friends are like our backbone, our #1 go-to chicks for everything. Your go-to chick is the one you cuddle with on Friday nights and watch movies with. She’s the one you create random adventures with, ask for advice from, go shopping with, & talk for hours with on the phone like you didn’t just see each other the other day. However, even with such a powerful, loving friendship, pure honesty is the only way it can last.

Let’s be real, lying to your friend to make her happy only makes things worse. Here’s some ways to keep it real & honest when situations get tough.

Let’s Be Real: How to Be a True Friend

Dressing Room Advice

Okay we’ve all been there when our friend tries on an outfit and ask “does this outfit look good on me?” In your head your thinking “Hell No!” but because you love her you shake your head yes without hesitation and quickly add a “yes you look good” comment to ease your awkward head shake. WRONG. Let’s be real.

Our job as good friends is make sure we don’t let each other go out in public wearing clothes that doesn’t complement our beauty. Suggest another outfit that may compliment her more so she shines like a star.

Posting on Social Media

In the era of popularity based on likes, it becomes easy to show a little more skin for attention. We’ve all seen those girls fully naked with 10X the likes and thought “wow, is this what I have to do get a little more attention?” Well, let’s say your friend is one of those girls. She got tired of posting cute selfies with her brand new outfits and not getting the attention she wanted. So, she starts posting pictures nearly nude. Her comments went from “you’re beautiful” to “your so FU@#$%^ sexy” with hundreds of likes. She asks you for your opinion about her pictures. You don’t want to kill the happy mood she’s been in, so you say something like “omg you get so much likes and followers now!” WRONG.

I get it, you want to give your friend the chance to be a little desperate for attention but not all attention is good. What if these pictures are seen by the wrong people, like a future employer? Let’s not forget that what goes on the internet stays on permanently, especially now with iPhone screenshots. Tell her she doesn’t need to take her clothes off to make people like her. Let’s be real. She should only want attention from people that like her for her personality and don’t just want to hop in bed with her.

Boy Drama

Boy drama never gets old. Your friend is telling you for hours how this guy she’s been seeing is a cheater or only gives her the time of the day when it’s convenient for him. It has been a few months now and all you see is how sad and depressed your friend is but you lie to her and say “he will come around, don’t worry.” WRONG.

I know you’re trying to be there for your friend and want to be as gentle as possible through this hard time. Let’s be real. Lying to her will only give her more hope to waste more time in this crappy relationship. Tell her how you really feel. Let her know it hurts you to see her like this because she deserves so much better. She deserves to be treated like a queen, not a peasant.


Sex is a topic everyone runs away from. Sometimes we only feel comfortable talking about it with our friends rather than the guy we are involved with. Your friend comes up to you and tells you she’s having sex with a new guy this month. Lately, it’s been a new guy every month. She had a horrible break up last year and well…avoids her emotions by rotating guys. Although she isn’t asking you about how you feel, you show support by not saying anything that may hurt or offend her. WRONG.

The truth will hurt. Don’t shame her, but let her know you are concerned with the consequences these decisions may bring. If she is like a sister to you, you will get protective very easily. You can’t control the decisions she makes, but you can be a part of influencing change. At this point of heartbreak, she needs you the most. Be honest, patient and non-judgmental.

Life Goals

So you may have one friend that is going through a tough time. She is making bad choices, forgetting about the dreams & aspirations she once had, and is slowly giving up on herself. She doesn’t like to go out much anymore and stays home. You talk about it with her once, but since she’s going through a tough time, you justify with her that it is okay to give up. WRONG.

You understand life gets in the way and things get hard, but you don’t let her give up on herself. Let her know that she can’t let hard times stop her from getting what she wants; this hard time is just an obstacle to make her stronger. Motivate her and be her biggest support. She has it in her to become stronger, she just needs some help opening her eyes to a brighter future.

What are some other tough situations you should always be honest to your friend about? Let us know in the comments below.