These 5 Texts Will Win Her Over Instantly


So, you met a girl you really liked last night and got her number. Now what? Your fate with this chick lies in the first communication you make, which, let’s be honest, will probably be a text. Nothing wrong with that, but you’d better make sure that text is good—we ladies tend to analyze. And then overanalyze. And then invite our friends to analyze.

Once you get past the basics (Remember her name, and use it; Don’t wait a month to reach out; Don’t be a major douche), there are plenty of directions you can take with The Text.

Here are five types of approaches likely to get you an enthusiastic response—and possibly much more.

Win her heart, or at least a response, by showing off your humor. Bonus points if you incorporate something about your previous conversation.

1. The Follow-Up

Chances are, when you met this girl, she told you something about herself. It could’ve been her favorite band, a trip she’s planning, or an event she was going to later that week. Rack your brain, and use one of those tidbits to follow up—ask her how the event was, if she’s heard that band’s new single… anything to prove you were listening. Not only will she be impressed that you remembered what she told you—and that you care enough to ask her more about it—but she’ll also be more motivated to respond, given its to a question that holds interest for her.
Example: “Hey there, how’d your 15-mile run go? I’m still so impressed you’re training for the marathon (said as I eat my hangover-egg-sandwich).”

2. The Dive-In

Not one for chitchat—or maybe just that sure she really liked you? Well then, nothing wrong with just going for it and asking her out. The absence of awkward small talk or head-spinning games will certainly be a refreshing and welcome change on her end. Plus, you’ll come off as cool and confident, which never hurts.
Example: “Hey, I had a great time chatting with you the other night—shall we continue the conversation over dinner Friday?”

3. The Warm-Up

If you’re sweating just thinking about the aforementioned dive-in, take a more gradual approach. The key is to engage her and show her genuine interest by asking questions, continuing the conversation, and then—it’s gotta happen sometime—asking her out. She may feel a flutter of excitement when you text her wondering how her week is going, but that excitement will quickly turn into frustration and disdain if you never take the next step. If she’s responding to your initial texts and participating in the conversation (one-word answers do not qualify), then she’s probably interested. You’ve got the green light. Now go.
Example: “Hey there, how’s your week going? Are you going as excited to stop dressing like a polar explorer as I am?”

4. The Funny

Few girls can resist a guy who makes her laugh. (And if they can, stay away—there’s something wrong with them.) Win her heart—or at least a response—by showing off your humor. While a generic joke (if it’s a good one, of course) will do, bonus points if you incorporate something about her or your previous conversation.
Example: “So, I was thinking about what you said about French bulldogs being irresistibly cute… does this count?” [Insert selfie with bulldog ears and nose drawn on, Snapchat style]

5. The Offer She Can’t Refuse

If you really like this girl and just know you have to see her again, pull out the big guns—just prepare to drop some cash. Get tickets to a concert for the favorite band she mentioned, a reservation at that trendy new restaurant everyone’s dying to get into, or perhaps a sports event (only if the team is good, please). Get creative, and choose something awesome that’ll make her feel VIP. If you want to be really bold, tell her you got the tickets in hopes she’d join you, but if you want to play it a bit safer, pretend you just happen to have them. Note: If she passes on a kickass offer, she’s probably not worth your time anyway, and you can find someone cooler to take in her place.
Example: “Hey, I have tickets to next week’s Foo Fighters show and my buddy just bailed—any chance you’d like to join? I promise not to sing along too loudly.”